Our company was born in 1971 and it has been developed and consolidated all over the world with the production in two important sectors:

  • production of fittings for aspiration and depuration systems;
  • production of compact silent compressors for laboratories, hobbies, airbrushing and other sectors.

  • 40 years of experience have been directed on our production, made on 2000 mq covered area with 20 employees, our productive heart.

    The key words of our style are:
    • Flexibility:
      study and design of particular fittings following customers exigencies;

    • Quality:
      conforming to production parameters of ISO 9001,TÜV Germany and Canada CSA;

    • Costs:
      continuous research by our staff to knocking down operational, design and production costs;

    • Rapidity:
      our storage of half-finished materials and final products allows to set near zero delivery times.